Esso Marlin B Oil and Gas Platform – Instech Group provide new heat tracing

September 21, 2018

Marlin B platform is the latest platform to be installed in Bass Strait as part of the Kipper Tuna Turrum Project back in 2013. Instech Group was provided the scope to provide a heat tracing upgrade of the gas piping and associated equipment which had been shown to experience hydrate issues leading to loss of oil and gas production on the platform. Instech Group also designed and supplied a new heat tracing distribution board including new DCS input modules to allow the new heat tracing circuits to be monitored on a new DCS screen including heat tracing circuits and surface temperature of the heat tracing. This work was completed ready for the 2018 winter period which has proven to provide a more reliable oil and gas production on the platform.

The new heat tracing distribution board was supplied to Instech Group by Advanced Controls with the installation work completed by UGL/WOOD and Balec.

Instech Group also provided the heat tracing engineering detail design for the new 450 Line project and other process line and equipment heat tracing.

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Instech Group move office into Melbourne CBD

To ensure Instech Group are located in close proximity to their main clients, Instech Group has moved to a new location in the Melbourne CBD. The new office address is:
Level 2, 10-16 Queen St, Melbourne, Vic, 3000.
Paul Roberts the general manager is excited about the new location which is only 2 minutes walk from the Flinders Street railway station.


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Instech Group achieve ISO9001 accreditation

July 14, 2016

Instech Group has recently completed an upgrade of their quality management system with the successful ISO9001 accreditation acheived. This successful achievement was carried out with commitment from the Instech Group general manager Paul Roberts with a major contribution from their external consultant Mr Neil Dunbar.

Paul Roberts commented that with the ISO9001 accreditation, Instech Group look forward to the implementation of future projects using the recently upgraded quality system. This project has highlighted the importance of the quality system to ensure all our clients will be provided with the highest quality of services delivered.

Instech Group Pty Ltd Certificate

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AusNet Services Railway Ave and Coburns Road Regulator upgrades Successfully commissioned

The existing AusNet Services City Gates at Coburns Road, Milton and Railway Ave, Corio have been successfully upgraded with the latest pressure regulators. These new pressure regulators allow for future reliable operation of gas pressure to the nearby town ships with the ability for the SCADA system to remotely adjust the down stream pressure setpoint. Comdian Infrastructure commented that the piping spools where pre-tested in their workshop on air to ensure the pilots controlling the pressure regulators where fully tested and proven to be operational before the old units were removed and the new spools (complete with new regulators) were installed. These new spools fitted perfectly once the old spools and regulators were removed. The detail design of the se two site pressure regulator upgrades were carried out by Instech Group using their highly experienced designers.


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New Leongatha City Gate Commissioned and Operating

October 28, 2014

The new MultiNet Gas Leongatha City Gate has been recently constructed and commissioned by Comdain Infrastructure and is now operating to allow an increased flowrate of gas into the Gippsland town of Leongatha. Instech Group Pty Ltd provided Comdain Infrastructure a front end engineering design and detail design services for this new city gate facility. This project involved modification to the Korumburra City Gate to allow high pressure gas to supply the new Leongatha City Gate facility. This new Leongatha city gate facility consists of a new heater exchanger, pressure reduction kiosk and associated electrical and SCADA control panels.

DSC_0610-Heat-Exch DSC_0563-Kiosk-Regs



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AJ Stack Solutions combine to share office

October 9, 2014

Paul Roberts (Instech Group Pty Ltd) and Arthur Stack (AJ Stack Solutions – Director) are thrilled to announce the two companies are to share office space in their South Melbourne office. Paul Roberts has commented this will allow the two companies to join forces to add further coverage of the services provided by both companies related to the gas industry, particularly with gas turbines and other related rotating equipment.

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Sulphuric Acid Storage Project ready for operation

April 1, 2014

The sulphuric acid storage project has recently been completed ready for transfer of sulphuric acid from the onsite bulky containers to the storage tank using the new transfer pump. The new storage tank will be then connected to the process for use in the cooling water ph control in the power station co-generation unit.

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Arris Pty Ltd awarded new Instech Group website design

February 20, 2014

Instech Group has awarded Arris Pty Ltd based in Adelaide the new website recently launched. The new website will show case the Instech Group Capabilities and also be designed to be easily navigated with project profiles from recently completed projects.

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Instech Group awarded Design project work for SEAgas compressor station upgrade design

December 16, 2013

Instech Group has been awarded the design work associated with the upgrade of two of the SEAgas compressor station turbine upgrades. This work involves the turbine guide vane and bleed valve upgrades, new fire and gas system upgrade and compressor enclosure heater installations. The Instech group scope involves the design of all the interfaces required to install the turbine engine vendor supplied equipment including power supply and SCADA controls.

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