Cathodic Protection Services

Instech Group is able to provide the following Cathodic Protection services

  • Design of new systems
  • Maintenance Services including site inspection and measuring services.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Polarity related to current flow and metal corrosion activity
  • Conduct tests to identify shorts and continuity tests in CP systems
  • Use test instruments to perform a variety of field tests such as structure-to-soil potentials, voltage and current measurements, soil resistivity, pipe/cable locating and rectifier readings
  • CP components including impressed current systems, galvanic anodes and test stations
  • Read shunts and report their use in rectifiers, bonds, and anodes
  • Perform periodic surveys to confirm the effectiveness of a CP system
  • Reference cells, their maintenance, use, and precautions
  • Basic location mapping, report preparation, and recordkeeping
  • Review safety issues specific to CP
  • Code requirements related to CP