Software Programming

Instech Group is capabilities in providing a turnkey solution for complete programming services for most DCS, PLC and RTU manufacturers used in Australia in most industries; these include the following type of RTUs and PLCs:

  • Allen Bradley PLC family
  • Foxboro
  • Bristol Babcock – Control Wave family
  • Kingfisher
  • Honeywell C300 DCS
  • Triconex (SIL rated)

Instech is capable to provide programming in the IEC61131-3 compliant programming environment.

Instech Group is able to provide a complete control system solution including design, supply, programme, installation and commissioning services of a complete control system.

Instech Group is able to provide all the required design documentation including ‘Operating Philosophy’ documents, ‘Detailed Functional Specification’ documents, ‘Cause and Effect’ Drawings/Matrix and detailed logic drawings.

If your facility requires an upgrade to a new control system, Instech Group also specialises in upgrading and cut-over to a new control system with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Instech Group is also able to provide a study to determine the best solution for the specific type of facility operation based on a total cradle to grave approach for feasibility studies.

Communications systems is also an area that Instech Group has expertise including using methods such as Modbus for communicating between different manufacturers of control system equipment and for SCADA applications.

Instech Group is also competent in all areas of flow metering including providing standalone custody transfer metering in the gas industry for pipelines.