City Gates

The objective of a city gate is to reduce the gas pressure from the main transmission pipeline to allow the gas to be distributed into the low pressure distribution network for supply to local industry and houses.

Instech Group has recently completed the design of a new City Gate Gas facility which generally consists of the following equipment items:

  • Launcher Receiver station
  • Filtering
  • Custody Transfer Metering
  • Gas Heater unit
  • Pressure Regulation
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • RTU cabinet
  • Electrical systems
  • Gas Detection monitoring systems

Depending on the clients requirements any new city gate will be designed to ensure consistency with the clients existing city gate arrangements with improvements to meeting operations and maintenance requirements.

Instech Group will adapt their design to suit the client design standards and also assist with providing suggested improvements to the clients existing philosophies.

Instech Group has also experience in the upgrade of existing older City Gates, examples of this type of work is the replacement of the pressure regulators with new technology and alternative technologies for pressure control.

Instech Group has vast experience in feasibility studies to determine the most economical approach for gas heating for a City Gate depending on the process duty requirements and the heating demand requirements.