HAZOP Facilitation

HAZOP workshops are a critical part of the design process in most of the areas of Instech Groups design work. Instech Group will provide an experienced HAZOP facilitator as an external service or as part of the Instech Group project design process

The main aim of conducting HAZOP workshops is identify any potential hazards associated with the design, construction and operation of either a new proposed facility or modification to an existing facility.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a first HAZOP is normally carried out at the Front End Engineering (FEED) stage of a project with other follow up HAZOPs as the design progresses through to detail design.

A workshop is conducted which must contain key representatives from the design team and the facilities operations and maintenance personnel.

These workshops are conducted in accordance with the principles and guidelines contained within AS/NZS ISO 31000 (2009) Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

The main focus of a HAZOP workshop is to identify and credible hazards from a review of the design documents and operations experiences that may result in major health, safety, environment (HSE) or supply/reliability incidents.

Typically the HAZOP workshop will be conducted using the design P&IDs, Layout drawings, Hazardous Layout drawings (if a hazardous area exists), piping layouts and the Design Basis Document.

During the HAZOP, each area of the design is documented on a table and any action items will be identified on this table for inclusion in the workshop report. To objective of the action items is for the designer to make changes to the design to ensure all the hazards are minimised or reduced to an acceptable level.

A separate HAZOP close out report is prepared to ensure all the action items are close out prior to procurement, construction and commissioning stages are commenced.