Instech Group recognises the importance of modifications to existing facilities; therefore Instech Group is a specialist in Brown Field type projects. To approach these types of projects, Instech Group will ensure one of the first steps is to understand how the facility currently operates. This will require an alignment session with the client, particularly the client’s operations group to ensure all the clients standards and requirements are met. The modification made must be to the same standard as currently provided on the Clients Asset.

Instech Group will provide demolition (removal) revisions to the existing drawings to clearly define the removal work required and also the equivalent construction drawing detailing the modifications (additions) to the facility.

Instech Group also has vast experience in designing brown field modifications to minimise any operational impact to the facility and if possible will provide a solution which may require no operational impact by the use of hot tap technology for tie-ins into life gas piping.

If there is no option to tie-into a facility with no interruption, Instech may require some tie-in points to be implemented separately during a scheduled shutdown of a facility.

Instech Group also has experience in the cut over of new station control systems, ie implementation of a new RTU/PLC or DCS system whilst the facility is in operation whilst the SCADA system is operational.