Compressor Stations

The Australian Pipeline system has an increasing number of compressor stations in construction and operation. For the longer pipelines, it is usually more economical to install compressor stations to increase the flowrate through a pipeline compared to installing looping (additional parallel pipeline).

Instech Group key personnel have experience in the design, construction, commissioning and operations of gas compressor stations. Instech has the capability to design a new compressor station or provide small upgrades of the main process or compressor units or utilities associated with compressor stations.

Gas Compressor units are normally reciprocating or centrifugal type depending on the application and client preference. The compressor units are also available as either single or multistage, this will dependent on the process differential pressure and flow requirements.

One of the key issues for many pipeline operating companies is to ensure the compressor units are reliable and also at their maximum availability. To ensure compressor units are provided with maximum reliability and availability, Instech Group will assist the client during the procurement stage to ensure the appropriate detailed specifications are provided from the hazardous area compliance through to the highest quality seal systems to use on the compressor unit.

Instech Group is also able to design the most maintenance friendly compressor enclosure or building to ensure the compressor is maintained to the highest standard during its life cycle.

Many of the Australian Gas compressor stations are located remotely and therefore the SCADA system must be designed to provide the required amount of remote monitoring to allow the rotating equipment specialists to provide most of the performance monitoring remotely. Examples of this information is to determine if the turbine engine requires a water wash prior to the scheduled date, therefore the amount of combustion temperature monitoring is required to be available on the SCADA system.

Process controls of the compressor units, particularly when operating multiple compressors in parallel is critical to the successful operation of a compressor station. Many operating companies rely on the compressor vendor to provide these features, but Instech Group recommend the main station process control system take control of these compressor units to allow more flexibility in their operation particularly when the pipeline requires nomination flow controls.