HAZID Facilitation

A HAZID workshop is the identification and management of potential safety and environmental hazards during construction stages.

The objectives are to:

  1. Prevent any injury to construction workers or members of the public.
  2. Prevent any incidents involving construction equipment, public vehicles, or local infrastructure and services.
  3. Implement an effective construction safety regime based on ensuring the safety of all concerned without unduly restricting local traffic flow.
  4. Prevent any environmental damage associated with chemicals.
  5. Develop a register of potential hazards for periodic review and revision during the project.

As an established construction organisation most of the Instech Group clients already have in place a number of standard Procedures and systems to ensure safety in the workplace including:

  1. Company Safety Policy
  2. Safety Training Programs
  3. General Construction Safety Procedures
  4. Safety Audit Program
  5. Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) Procedures
  6. Equipment Maintenance reviews
  7. Compliance requirements for sub-contractors

The HAZID workshop is for the formal identification and assessment of construction hazards.

The format of recording is typically a Excel Workbook, intentionally similar to the processes used in the AS2885 Safety Management Study process. Potential hazards are identified and each HAZID is considered in terms of consequences should it occur, and the probability that it would occur during the term of the construction period.

Assessment of consequence and probability ratings is done in accordance with a matrix, which is based on that used in AS2885.

Any hazards which could not be reduced to Low or Negligible in the initial ranking were further considered as to additional mitigation measures required, and whether or not an ALARP rating was appropriate.