Instech Group preference is to use Autopipe software for the pipe stressing calculations in accordance with ASME B31.3. For gas pipeline facilities the design limits are in compliance with AS4041.

Instech Group has experience piping engineers who provide build models with Autopipe based on the piping design to allow the calculation reports to be prepared.

The following load cases are typically analysed in accordance with AS4041:

  1. Pressure – Maximum Hoop Stress
  2. Sustained – Longitudinal Pressure Stress plus Bending moment dur to gravity Loads
  3. Thermal- Check on piping flexibility to accommodate thermal displacements
  4. Occasional – Seismic Analysis for Leongatha City Gate above ground piping.

Note: For the pipework sizes associated with this project seismic will be the governing occasional load case. Wind loads imposed on above ground piping are considered to be acceptable by inspection.

All the loads are analysed to ensure the actual stresses obtained from the model are less than the permitted stress levels.